Ciao, Corona

As if to emphasize the gloominess of the situation, it starts raining as soon as I start writing the title.

Last night, my sister, who was living at our old apartment, sent us siblings a message telling us that earlier there were people who were asking for her, because they were planning to impound my Dad’s car, a beat up 1980 Toyota Corona.

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Halfway Nowhere

I remember during the last few months of Arroyo’s term, I thought, I wish that she had more time. More time to continue her projects. More time to guide the country on to a stable path. More time to execute a well-thought developmental plan.

Then the next president came along, and it seemed apparent that his first order of business was to revamp everything, and remove anything that was connected to Arroyo. Aquino was not the candidate I voted for in that election, but I remember during the last few months of his term, I also thought that, okay, maybe it might have been beneficial if he still had time to continue what he had planned for the country. But, all things are bound to end, and I was ready then for a change in leadership.

And then came Duterte.

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Goodbye, Eddie Garcia

Yesterday, I read the tragic news that you had died. Suddenly, it was as if almost every news page on Facebook was showing your picture, expressing their condolences.

Even now, I still can’t believe that just like that, you’re gone. I never knew you personally, of course. But somehow I can’t help but be filled with frustration, whenever I recall the circumstances that led to your death.

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