Honestly, Get Over Yourself

Every time I hear someone say that getting infected by COVID-19 “is your own personal choice”, I shake my head in disgust. Just how out of touch with reality can you be?

Do you honestly believe that EVERY SINGLE confirmed COVID-19 case both here and abroad, was due to people choosing to get infected? What, you think they woke up one morning and said, “Hmm.. Today’s a good day to put myself in harm’s way“?

Some, perhaps. BUT NOT ALL.

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In Defiance Day

Independence. Independence is something we should all be fighting for, every day of our lives. Without us realizing it, conformity and colonial mentality are slowly stripping us of our personality, our own cultural identity; confining us in a prison of our own making.

Memories of Melancholic Madness

I took this shot on the morning of June 12, Independence Day. I then adjusted highlights and shadows using the Picasa software. I framed this shot in a way that shows the flag waving defiantly amidst a background of barbed wires, as if to say “Though we may be confined in a prison of our own making, the fight for our independence lives on!” -Ed. E.

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Hasta Mañanita, Baby

To everyone attending the Grand Mañanita “festivities” on June 12– Independence Day, please attend only if:

1. You are of sound health and mind. If you’re feeling sick, or if you have a weak immune system, please stay at home.

2. You haven’t been in contact with someone who is confirmed or even suspected of having COVID-19.

3. You are wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) . My personal recommendation is to wear two face masks (1 surgical + 1 made from cloth or other material), a face shield (or other eye protective equipment), and/or surgical gloves.

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Stuck: A COVID-19 Rant

Four weeks since the Philippines went into a self-imposed quarantine, and I’m still hung up on how most of what we’re experiencing now could have been easily avoided.

I won’t try to claim to be an expert on virology, or economics, or politics. All I’m going to rant about are the little annoyances that, up to this day, still bother me.

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